It can be the worst day in many people’s lives, when they discover they are being charged with a serious crime. Even though you know that you are innocent of the charges being brought against you, it is very scary. But we want you to know that you can get through this process, provided you take it a step at a time. The first step is to ensure that you are out of jail. Ensure a loved one knows how to pay your bail if and when you are arrested and formally charged. They will have to take care of that process quickly.

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The next step is for you to find a top criminal defense attorney in Charlotte NC who can help with your case. This is even more important than you think. Yes, people know that a lawyer is needed. But what many do not realize is that your lawyer’s quality will go a long way towards determining your fate. Yes, the facts and evidence are a big thing too. But your lawyer is the one who is going to present the case from your perspective. If they do a bad job, you are in trouble. If they do a stellar job, you are looking good.

And even those who may know they did something wrong need to find a top lawyer. In fact, it may be even more important. With criminal charges, it is not just about getting off with a not guilty verdict. There are instances where you want a top lawyer so they can negotiate a good deal for you. Maybe you will have to spend a year or two in prison. But it beats going away for 10 or 12 years. It is sometimes the sacrifice that has to be made to ensure that you are protecting your future.