One of the risks that you take when you are working a physically demanding job is that you could get hurt. It is just part of the territory. There is not much you can do about it, beyond taking safety precautions. But you can take all the precautions in the world and still get into an accident. It could be due to an equipment failure or the mistake of someone else on the crew. Either way, you are hurt and you need to get checked out medically. What should you be doing in this situation? Here is our mini guide.

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The first step is to do exactly as you are told by your employer. If you are hurt, they will give you the address for the urgent care center or doctor’s office that you should visit. Go there, because it will make it easier to get a claim later. The second step, when you get home and you know that you are okay, is to call a few attorneys in charlotte nc to find the best one for your case. You are making this call because you want representation in case you have a hard time with your employer. It is best to have a lawyer early in the process, as they can guide you on the next steps.

If your doctor says that you need to skip a few days of work, call your employer and let them know. They will ask for a copy of the doctor’s notes – send it to them. But keep the original yourself. If you are sending the original of any document, ensure you have a proper copy for your own records. Hopefully things go smoothly and you get your compensation for the injury. But if there are any issues, you will have an attorney who can help you out with this matter.