4 Things You Should Know Before Signing a Bail for a Loved One

Bonding a loved one out of jail is a loving gesture, but one that should be made after careful consideration and the proper knowledge of the bail bond system and how the process works. Without this understanding, your good gesture could come back to haunt you. To get you started, take a look at these four points to ponder before signing a bail bond contract for a loved one.

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1.    When signing a bail bond, you guarantee the appearance of the individual on the assigned court date. If the person does not appear on this date, you may be held in contempt of court and be held responsible until they’re found. The bond is also evoked if the person does not appear in court as promised.

2.    You can place 10% of the court ordered bond amount up when using a bondsman for Bail bonds Allentown PA. There is also a small, non-refundable bondsman fee that you must pay at the time you sign the bond. Many bonding agents also allow property bonds when the total amount of the bond is unavailable in cash.

3.    Bonding agents are available 24-7-365. They bond individuals out of jail round the clock and can make bond for any charge if the judge places a bond on the case. Some agents will meet you at the jail while others require a visit to their office to complete the necessary bonding paperwork.

4.    Do you trust the individual whose bond you are signing enough to go through with this? Whether it is a child, a parent, or a best friend, do not sign a bond if you do not think they’ll return to court! Also, if you anticipate repayment of the money, is the person trustworthy enough to return the money?